Red   Autumn   Fall

From Calgary to Toronto, they are without a doubt one of Canada's hottest bands!





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(L-R) Gail Thompson, Simeon Ross, me, Jackie Duncan, and Rich Ragany, Feb 28th 1998.

Red Autumn Fall's newest album, "departure", is in stores now. This album (the band's third, following "Charmer" and their "Debutant" EP) features 11 songs, including "Silent Station". This album is very addictive, and songs like "The Revenge of the Blazer Boys", and "Josephite, will most likely jump out at you, but songs like "Satellite", "She's Always Angry" and "Mercury Men" are great songs that are bound to end up in your head after a couple times through. The video for "Joesphite" can be requested on MuchMusic by e-mail, or by sending a snail mail request to MuchMusic (299 Queen St. West, Toronto Ontario, Canada) All requests are much appreciated by all!